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The MAGICSHOES project


The increase in inactive and sedentary lifestyles is a serious problem in our society. It is a risk factor for many chronic diseases and other negative health and psychosocial outcomes. The MAGICSHOES project follows a novel approach that addresses the emotional and psychological barriers in physically inactive people by using sound feedback to alter the way they perceive their body. We are investigating the use of real-time sound-based feedback on one’s movement to alter body perception and increase people’s positivity towards their bodies, with the final aim of enhancing behavioral patterns, confidence and motivation for physical activity. MAGICSHOES is a highly interdisciplinary project and combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies from neuroscience research, human-computer interaction and real-life applications.

In MAGICSHOES we are developing wearable technology that integrates body-sensing and sensory feedback, suitable for use in real-life conditions (outdoors, home) and with the possibility of tailoring the sound feedback according to user needs or preferences. The potential benefits of the MAGICSHOES technology will be evaluated both in non-clinical and clinical physically inactive populations. We envision that MAGICSHOES  will guide the design of new body-centred technologies that can revolutionize therapies and self-management physically inactive population, making people feel better about their bodies and sustaining active lifestyles.

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